Being successful in the interview and get your desired seat in certain company, is not enough to run your work smoothly. You might be qualified person a company ever wished to have but possessing little knowledge about things you can’t do at work, may end up in loosing your job.even though it can’t be career limiting, it can destroys your reputation.

Let’s get through 4 strange behaviors you should not practice at your work, and see what can be done instead

1.Being personal to Company’s culture

To have much skills in field is good but respecting the value and norms of company is better.Never attempt to put your personality over the workplace culture.Employees have different ways of accomplishing their tasks, it is even interesting to be creative. However a company has their ways too. No matter how wise you think you are about certain field,it is not professional to mention “me” or  “i” do this in my own ways. This seem like criticizing company with their ways of doing.From there an  employer will not be glad of your level of showing up and some time you might end up loosing your position

Manifesting  with intention of taken as whole person will never work.You rather suggest to your boss  instead of saying that >>i don’t know why this company uses analogy strategies of advertising while in my previous position i was able to advertise using social media. 

>>As you can see distributing flyer is not productive (give him facts not based on your personal credit) what if next time we try an online advertising? 

Do it through: 

.Writing a memo or email

.Requesting an appointment 

. Raising an opinion in the meeting 

2.Creating conflict of interest 

Conflict of interest is developing or creating a company that offer services/ products similar to your full-time employer.

You get employed because you wanted the job, if you would be able to create the same work as one your engaged in, you wouldn’t be supposed to come to compete for the position.Most of the times people get enough skills from the current workplace and directly began looking for ways to create their own business from the same idea. >>without critically thinking they might open the branches under their own names while still working for others, they do this because they don’t want to loose their job and they want to create their own,which is very strange. Undoubtedly you will be fired because not even one boss who will like the initiative as long as you are not contributing to the company no need of keep nurturing a person who is feeding others not your vision and mission.

>>At the time you think that you’re done with the company, you want to go your way. Measure and put the benefit from company on scale to the benefit you expect from your personal interest and what’s going to make you earn. Then choose one wisely.

3.Talking about company’s secrets

Company’s secrets are the information which is not known to the consumer of a company’s product.

Knowing a lot about  your workplace confidential information doesn’t give you permission to tell everyone about it. Despite the company, it is not trustworthy to talk about someone’s secret. At this instance that person may never trust you again and this should probably destroy your relationship.Imagine when it is in career, a very big institution obviously has many different departments with various confidential systems. you are program manager who controls each an every area and >>boom you found yourself telling your friend about how you cheat in tax payments, intentionally your friend tells others. It might take some time to make sure that certain deal is done in your workplace and later you will see police and auditors for investing.Such image of putting the institution on fire because you failed to keep words to you. 
Also when it is between coworkers, lets suppose that you have idea one of your workmate is going to fired or promoted and with much of joy or sorrow you let it out before it is not announced. Those people might improperly react for instance fired one begin acting like he doesn’t belong there to the extent he can damage some soft or hard tools. And promoted one apparently will be taking himself to the level and start to feel like he is over the teammates

>>Well known it is possible to let a secret out by accident,so there is no better way to avoid this than to do not allow yourself getting into confidentiality parts, because you’re always at risk of telling anyone who is not considered.


4.Revealing your personal life to your coworkers

People like to express themselves either for attracting many acquaintances or targeting benefits from making them known.This might hinder your work responsibilities to put effort in your own life than what you are paid for.Whenever you reveal details of life, none will ever look at you through the angle of a worker,but reflect the image of your life. >>it be might you telling people about how you divorced your partner because he was not able to satisfy your personal needs. Of course this will remain in your coworkers minds and every time they do good to you they will have doubts of not satisfying you or they might be afraid that you may abandon them. 

Not only that corner, you might be having some side achievements and feel like sharing it with your workmate as people you spent a lot of time with.For lack of chance it revealed to your boss, instantly he will began finding negative facts from you, he will never guarantee your commitment after knowing that you are applying for the same position in other company.

Also may feel to your boss know some essential parts of circumstances I.e your husband is imprisoned  you told the boss about him and you mentioned that every Friday you have to pay him a visit. Employer might take it personal but for the sake of responsibilities he won’t permit you to go every week, instantly you will begin judging him and feel like he doesn’t value you problem.

>> Never think that the way you express your words will be the same way your colleagues will take it, because people never receive the information in appreciable ways at the same measures. It better if you don’t reveal overly personal details about your life