We've been hearing a lot of bad news lately about layoffs, slowed hiring for new positions and hesitancy for filling positions due to attrition. What gives, you might say to yourself?

Well all is not lost. First, during this slow period, jobs usually not filled by college graduates are feeling the most pain. Workers holding jobs within low-wage occupations, have experienced the highest job losses. What jobs are we talking about?  Restaurant servers like waiters and waitresses, cashiers, chefs and cooks. Also experiencing the highest financial discomfort are workers employed in retail sales, maids and cleaners of households.

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) reported upon some bad news. Studies have shown that students graduating during an economic recession or drastic slowdown of the economy have a difficult time catching up to their peers who graduated with the economy was booming. Economists estimate that they can lose up to 9% of potential earnings each yea until they finally catch up to their peers in about five to ten years.

So, if we can stress the importance of getting a remote internship, we probably can't do it enough.

There are a number of success stories of college students and recent college graduates getting remote internships. Some of the tips you can use for getting a remote internship is to:

  1. Network. Start within your circle of family and friends. Branch out to the university clubs, associations, professors. And, don't forget the alumni. You might even check with your long lost high school friends and neighborhood buddies. You never know where your next opportunity for a remote internship will turn up.

  2. Apply and Apply. Probably next below networking would be the methodological submissions of applications. Yes, it is painstaking, time consuming and boring. But, the only way to increase your chances of landing a great remote job internship is to increase exponentially the number of applications you submit. Keeping a time table, visual chart or task app found on Google or Apple are no brainers. You don't obtain a goal if you aren't tracking it.

  3. Promote. Promote yourself. You heard that right! After graduation, go out with a bang. Use your social media networks to author blog articles, start a podcast, comment on others' articles. One way to show your value is to add value. In this day and age of influencer marketing and microwave dinners, you gotta make an impression in less than 5 seconds. At the same time, you need to show that you deserve more than your share of 15 minutes of fame. How do you do this? You can routinely visit the websites of professional associations, clubs, think tanks and comment on articles or ask to guest post your own. What better way to get a job than to position yourself as an expert. Soon, everyone will want to get in on your piece of the action.

  4. Freelance. Try freelancing and doing gig work. You never know where it might lead. 

  5. Volunteer. Many non-profits that are religious  and children-serving, elderly and impoverished focused need people who are energetic, full of vitality and eager to take on the social ills of the world. Further, with your enthusiasm, you are sure to revitalize the harried workers who are experiencing burnout. Further, it helps to build your karma score with the universe. You really get out of the world the amount of love you put in. So, perhaps you should stop thinking about your predicament and view the world from another viewpoint. Even though you may think you have it bad, others may have it worse. With this new change in perspective, as well as an expansion of your social network you are sure to get a remote internship. Plus, think about all of the positive references that you will have added to your toolbox. It's hard to give a bad reference to a potential employer for someone who as volunteered with your organization. So, hop to it!

  6. Charge your mental and physical batteries. Take the downtime and put it to good use. Invest in your physical, emotional and mental health. Who wants to be drained and downtrodden when a chance to interview comes along? Don't take that chance. Set a regular schedule and/or set aside time just for you to relax and rejuvenate. You will be glad you did.